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New in OpenCms 10.5

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In OpenCms since: 10.5 Valid for OpenCms: 11.0.2
New features in OpenCms 10.5
    • Compare localized subsites side-by-side
    • Copy pages from one language to another, including content
    • Connect the same page in different languages using locale relations
    • Support for localized properties
  • The feature-rich editor for message bundles.

  • A new content type to fix the key set for message bundles and add extra information for each message.

  • Serve parts of your HTML code in a JSON array to use it for external tools.

  • OpenCms ships with a servlet filter that allows you to get rid of the "opencms" servlet name in URLs.

  • The tag is a more flexible version of <cms:img>. It in particular allows to use the HTML <picture> tag and provide different resolutions of a single image for different devices.

  • Data view widget API allows to natively integrate external assets in the content editor.

Improved in OpenCms 10.5
  • Model groups are now stored differently. The model group page contents vanish. This makes editing model groups easier and less error-prone.

  • The template used for the demo website. It is greatly enhanced and now also available at GitHub.

  • Several shortcuts have been added.

  • Additional columns are available and default actions, performed when clicking on a content are optimized.

    • Categories can be edited via the content editor without being actually stored in the content. On save, they are directly assigned to the edited content.
    • The JSP API to read categories is heavily improved.

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