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New in OpenCms 11.0

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In OpenCms since: 10.0 Valid for OpenCms: 11.0.2
New features in OpenCms 11.0
Improved in OpenCms 11.0
  • To set up a website with OpenCms involves a variety of different tasks, tasks usually performed by various people with different focus. Different tasks demand different specific user interfaces. OpenCms provides these interfaces. We describe the apps and editors that are available in OpenCms.

  • Improved 'Websites' app for site and sub-site management with extended https support.

  • Improved and completely reworked modules app.

  • Improved 'Source search' app with several search options in the OpenCms database.

  • Redesigned 'Scheduled jobs' app. 

  • Alternative notation for resource type schemas, grouping content fields configuration similar to formatter settings.

  • Configute element settings once in a configuration file and use them in different formatters.

  • Improved dynamic function configurations to use the same notation as formatter configurations.

  • A widget to define a series of dates. Also backed up with support for special indexing.

  • Display formatters are used by lists and not directly dropped to the page, hence the settings are not accessible by default. OpenCms 11 allows you to show the settings of display formatters with the settings of the lists formatter.

  • Due to security and memory issues, the maximal number of searchable results can be restricted and also the Solr handler can be configured much more fine-grained.

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