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New in OpenCms 13.0

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In OpenCms since: 13.0 Documented since: 13.0 Latest revision for: 13.0 Valid for OpenCms: 13.0
New features in OpenCms 13.0

OpenCms 13 introduces a series of techniques to build Template variants:

  • A new technique to chain Sitemap master configurations. With chaining, one can combine, reduce, extend, or vary formatter and function definitions in sitemap master configurations.

  • A new technique to add individual CSS resources and JavaScript resources to sites built upon the same template. Site plugins are a more flexible replacement for the "headincludes" feature.

  • A new technique to reduce the complexity of modular templates. With Add content restrictions, creation of new pages can be made uniform and easier.

Improved in OpenCms 13.0

See the OpenCms 13 release notes for the full list of improvements.

  • The Solr search integration has been extended with a Geo search feature in order to retrieve XML contents by geo coordinates.

  • The OpenCms workplace has been improved in order to allow content edition and image upload on touch devices.

Configuration Changes in OpenCms 13

OpenCms 13 ships with an updated Solr Schema. If you manage your own Solr Schema for your OpenCms installation, make sure to add the date_range field type and the two dynamic fields *_dr and *_drs.

Security Updates in OpenCms 13

OpenCms 13 includes the Log4j 2.17.1 Java Library which solves the Log4j security vulnerability.