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New in OpenCms 9.5

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In OpenCms since: 9.5 Documented since: 9.5 Latest revision for: 9.5 Valid for OpenCms: 13.0
New features in OpenCms 9.5
  • Since OpenCms 9.5 formatters can make up new containers. This means you can nest contents. Nested containers add enormous flexibilty in building templates and designing contents. You can build just simple tab elements with arbitrary content per tab, or you can pour your whole page layout in "layout"-contents exposing nested containers.

  • User generated content (UGC) allows editing of XML content via a web form from the online project. Content can be added or edited and you have fine-grained control on who can do it.

  • Group the elements you can add or edit in the page editor into different views to increase usability or restrict access to elements.

  • User preferences are now extendable and can be changed via a new dialog that is accessible from the page editor. Read more on this in the topic on user preferences.

  • The values of content elements can differ for different languages by default. But you can force the same value for each language. Here you learn how.

  • Not everyone should edit everything - learn how to hide editor fields in the content editors.

  • The value entered in one editor field should influence the value of another field? No problem - make the fields dependent.

  • Default values can be set via macros and even for optional elements, the default values can be used for mappings. Read the details here.

Improved in OpenCms 9.5