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OpenCms documentation
OpenCms documentation


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Welcome to the OpenCms documentation.

OpenCms is a powerful and highly customizable content management system providing compelling features especially for large Internet and Intranet websites.

If you are new to OpenCms, the following links provide a good starting point:

  • visit the source code repository of OpenCms, in the README, you get the most up-to-date overview of all features currently available
  • create an account on the OpenCms demo server, explore the standard template Mercury, and follow the tutorial where you will learn the basics of content editing
  • get an in-depth impression of what you can do with OpenCms beyond content edition by reading the OpenCms workplace chapter of this documentation  

If you are a web developer and want to realize a website project, here are some useful links to get started:

  • read the tutorial about creating a template JSP which introduces into the basic methods of template development
  • install the template examples module, try out and modify them with the built-in editor
  • the template development chapter of this documentation provides a full reference of all technical possibilities

For all kinds of questions about OpenCms, contact the mailing list.