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Common toolbar options

The OpenCms toolbar is a common menu present in all workplace apps. When you are logged in the toolbar appears. It holds app specific and general options. Here we explain options present in multiple different apps and the design of the toolbar in general.

Design of the OpenCms toolbar

The OpenCms toolbar is the central place for navigating through the OpenCms workplace and provides a various app-dependent and general options. The toolbar is structured in three relevant parts as shown in the figure below.

Fig. [Toolbar options]: The design of the toolbar

Common toolbar options

While app name is self-explaining and the app specific options are explained for the respective app, we tell about the general options in the toolbar here.

For some apps, in partiuclar editors, the common options may vary as well.
Common toolbar options

A context menu with various options which depend on the current app.


Here you can add a bookmark for your current place, this means:

  • current project
  • current site
  • and current foldervia structure id
 Quick launch

Switch to other apps

 User info

The icons shows a user specific configurable picture. It provides access to user information, preferences and the logout button.

User info

By selecting the user info icon The icon is different from user to user and can be replaced by an image that is loaded up by the user. from the toolbar you can access the following options:

Upload user image

Upload a personal image that is shown for the user in the toolbar

Change password

Change the password for the current user.


Opens a dialog to edit the user's preferences, e.g., workplace language, startup folder, ....

Edit user

Edit the user information


Logout the user.


Here you can adjust several OpenCms settings according to your needs. Usually it is sufficient to adjust settings in the "Basic preferences" tab and to use the "Account" tab to change your password.

The "Extended preferences" allow many more configurations - but most of them you may not need. Here you can get more information on how to configure the available preferences.

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