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In OpenCms since: 8.5 Documented since: 9.5 Latest revision for: 10.0 Valid for OpenCms: 13.0

OpenCms provides a couple of editor apps to edit contents, web pages and also the page structure. These editors are the main places to work when adding content or pages to website. For content editors they are usually the only apps they use.

Page and sitemap editing

OpenCms provides comfortable editor apps to manipulate single pages and the site structure. If a website is once set up, the editor apps suffice for most tasks. Content editors will see only these apps - and maybe not even all of them.

  • When you view a page offline, you will see the page editor. It allows you to add, arrange and edit contents on a page and provides access to all necessary user tasks related to the page.

  • Via the sitemap editor you can add new pages to your site, move pages, change properties, create or remove sub-sitemaps, and even more ...

Content editing
  • The content editor is a widget-based editor for editing multilingual (XML) content. Learn how to use the editor.

  • OpenCms allows inline editing of content, in particular text, as in normal word processors. We explain how inline editing works.