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In OpenCms since: 10.0 Documented since: 10.0 Latest revision for: 10.5.1 Valid for OpenCms: 13.0

Depending on the role of an OpenCms user, he can see various different apps. A normal editor has only access to page and sitemap editor. But there are many more apps available:

  • An explorer to provide the full VFS (Explorer)
  • Various apps for administrative tasks (account management, module management, scheduled job management, ...)
  • Apps to support OpenCms developers

OpenCms 10 introduces the launch pad as the central place to switch between apps.

Opening the launch pad

The launch pad is opened by chosing the launch pad icon from the quick launch menu.

Fig. [launchpad_open]: Opening the launchpad

Using the launchpad

Depending on the role and the corresponding permissions, different apps are shown in the launchpad. Fig. [launchpad] shows the launchpad as an administrator sees it.

Fig. [launchpad]: Launchpad with all OpenCms apps installed by default

At the moment the apps are grouped in "Modern" and "Traditional". The "Modern" apps are completely adjusted to the look & feel of OpenCms 10. The "Traditional" apps are the apps that are just ported from OpenCms 9.5. In further OpenCms versions, more and more apps will be rewritten and adjusted for the look & feel of OpenCms 10.

Apps overview

Here's a short overview on the apps available in a default OpenCms installation. Partly, links to related topics are provided.

Apps available in the default installation
Page editor

App to edit a webpage's content.

Sitemap editor

App to edit the website's structure and the navigational behavior of pages, also to manage galleries and categories and to handle template pages and model groups.


App to provide full access to the VFS via an explorer view. It allows to change sites and projects, to add, edit and remove resources, as well as editing all resource meta information.

Project management

Get an overview of existing and historic projects. Create new projects and manage existing ones.

Source search

Search the VFS and optionally programatically replace Strings that match a given regex in all found resources.

Scheduled jobs

View, add, delete or edit scheduled jobs.

Git integration

Check-in modules to a git repository directly and also import modules from a repository.

Quick launch editor

Adjust the icons in the quick launch menu according to your preferences.

Account Management

Manage users, groups, roles and organizational units.

Database Management

Import and export data and some additional tools.

Module Management

Import, export, create, delete and manipulate modules. Here many options are available.

Publish Queue

View what was published when.

File History

Change the history settings or delete the history

Link Validation

Search for broken internal links in the current project. If you use the link gallery, external links can also be validated.

Search Management

You can view, rebuild, add, delete or edit search indices, adjust index sources and field configurations.

Site Management

Configure, add or delete sites.

Cache Administration

View or flush the different caches used by OpenCms.

Content Tools

Various tools to check, repair or edit contents.

Workplace Tools

Various workplace-related tools.