Class CmsJspTagContentLoop

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        id, pageContext
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      int doAfterBody()  
      int doEndTag()  
      int doStartTag()  
      java.lang.String getCollectorName()
      Returns the name of the currently used resource collector.
      java.lang.String getCollectorParam()
      Returns the parameters of the currently used resource collector.
      java.util.List<CmsResource> getCollectorResult()
      Returns the list of all currently loaded resources (instances of CmsResource).
      java.lang.String getElement()
      Returns the name of the content node element to show.
      CmsResource getResource()
      Returns the currently loaded resource.
      java.lang.String getResourceName()
      Returns the resource name in the VFS for the currently loaded resource.
      I_CmsXmlDocument getXmlDocument()
      Returns the currently loaded OpenCms XML content document.
      java.lang.String getXmlDocumentElement()
      Returns the currently selected element name in the loaded XML content document.
      java.util.Locale getXmlDocumentLocale()
      Returns the currently selected locale used for acessing the content in the loaded XML content document.
      boolean hasMoreContent()
      boolean hasMoreResources()
      Resource iteration method to be used by JSP scriptlet code.
      protected void init​(I_CmsXmlContentContainer container)
      Initializes this content loop tag.
      boolean isPreloader()
      Returns true if this container is used as a resource preloader.
      void release()  
      void setElement​(java.lang.String element)
      Sets the name of the content node element to show.
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