Interface I_CmsUserDataDomain

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    CmsDefaultUserDataDomain, CmsUserDataHeader

    public interface I_CmsUserDataDomain
    extends I_CmsConfigurationParameterHandler
    Interface for user data domains.

    A user data domain can provide information about users which have requested their user data. Several user data domains can be configured in opencms-system.xml. When requesting information, there are two types of scenarios:

    • The user requests data with his email address.
    • The user requests data with his user name and password.
    In the first case, more than one user can match the email address, in the second case at most one user is found. For each of the users, they will be matched against each of the user data domains (a user can match more than one domain). Then the domain produces the user data for the list of matching users by appending it to an HTML document.
    • Method Detail

      • appendInfoHtml

        void appendInfoHtml​(CmsObject cms,
                            CmsUserDataRequestType reqType,
                            java.util.List<CmsUser> user,
                            org.jsoup.nodes.Element element)
        Appends the user data to the given HTML element.
        cms - the CMS context
        reqType - the request type (email or single user)
        user - the list of users (if the request type is singleUser, this has only one element)
        element - the HTML element to append the data to
      • appendlInfoForEmail

        default void appendlInfoForEmail​(CmsObject cms,
                                         java.lang.String email,
                                         java.util.List<java.lang.String> searchStrings,
                                         org.jsoup.nodes.Element element)
        Writes additional information related to an email address which is not directly associated with a specific OpenCms user.
        cms - the CMS context
        email - the email address to check
        searchStrings - additional search strings entered by the user
        element - the element which the additional information should be appended to
      • initialize

        void initialize​(CmsObject cms)
        Initializes the domain with an admin CmsObject.
        cms - a CmsObject
      • isAvailableForMode

        default boolean isAvailableForMode​(I_CmsUserDataDomain.Mode mode)
        Checks if the plugin is available in the given mode.
        mode - the mode
        true if the plugin is available
      • matchesUser

        boolean matchesUser​(CmsObject cms,
                            CmsUserDataRequestType reqType,
                            CmsUser user)
        Checks if the user matches the domain for the given user data request type.
        cms - the CMS context
        reqType - the user data request type (email or single user)
        user - the user
        true if the domain matches the user