Package org.opencms.staticexport

Contains the functionality for the static HTML page export.

The static export allows the rendering of resources (including dynamic generated HTML pages) to the file system. Resouces that are static exported will not longer be served through the OpenCms VFS and the connected databases, but directly from the harddrive of the system. This can dramatically improve performance for an OpenCms generated website.

Static export is only enabled for the "Online" project. When working in any offline project, resources are served directly from the OpenCms VFS. This way changes made in the offline mode are immediatly visible.

If your system is properly configured, you can directly serve static exported resources with a standard webserver. This means the requests will not even be forwarded to the Java VM based servlet container. This is the optimal configuration for maximum performance.

The link management is required in order to mix resources serves dynamically from OpenCms with staitc exported resources. Example: A JSP based template renders a persoanlized web page from OpenCms. This page can obviously not be static exported. However, there are a number of images refered to on the page. These images are part of the template and also managed inside the OpenCms VFS. By configuration you can staitc export these images. This means that all links to the images must be adjusted, since the links must now point to a different location. This is what the static export link management does. It adjusts links to resources that have been static exported so that they point to the static export location for the "Online" project, and to the OpenCms VFS location for offline projects.

Export points are not related to the static export. An export point is simply a folder inside the OpenCms VFS that is copied 1:1 to a location in the real file system during publishing. This is for example used to copy Java classes, JAR files or other system resouces from the VFS to the WEB-INF/classes or WEB-INF/lib folder. No link processing is done for resources written with export points.