Interface I_CmsContextMenuItem

    • Method Detail

      • getId

        java.lang.String getId()
        Gets the id.

        The id does not need to be unique among all context menu items which are in use in the system, but when multiple menu items with the same id are available for a given context menu, only one of them will be picked, based on the priority (a higher priority context menu item will be preferred to one with a lower priority.

        the id
      • getOrder

        float getOrder()
        Integer attribute which is used to order menu items.

        Items with a higher 'order' value will appear after items with a lower order at the same tree level.

        the order
      • getParentId

        java.lang.String getParentId()
        Gets the id of the parent entry.

        If this returns null, the context menu item will be inserted at the root level of the context menu, otherwise, it will be added I_CmsContextMenuActionas a sub-entry of the context menu entry with the given id (if such an entry exists; otherwise, the child entry will be ignored).

        the parent id
      • getPriority

        int getPriority()
        Gets the priority.

        If multiple context menu items with the same id are available for a menu, the one with the highest priority will be picked.

        the priority
      • getTitle

        java.lang.String getTitle​(java.util.Locale locale)
        Gets the title.

        locale - the locale
        the title
      • isLeafItem

        boolean isLeafItem()
        Returns true if this is a leaf item, i.e. an item which has no child items.

        true if this is a leaf item