Class A_CmsWidget.CmsDummyWidgetDialog

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      java.lang.String button​(java.lang.String href, java.lang.String target, java.lang.String image, java.lang.String label, int type)
      Generates a button for the widget dialog.
      java.lang.String buttonBar​(int segment)
      Returns the html for a button bar.
      java.lang.String buttonBarHorizontalLine()
      Generates a horizontal button bar separator line with maximum width.
      java.lang.String buttonBarSeparator​(int leftPixel, int rightPixel)
      Generates a button bar separator.
      java.lang.String buttonBarSpacer​(int width)
      Returns the html for an invisible spacer between button bar contents like buttons, labels, etc.
      java.lang.String buttonBarStartTab​(int leftPixel, int rightPixel)
      Generates a button bar starter tab.
      java.lang.String dialogHorizontalSpacer​(int width)
      Builds an invisible horiziontal spacer with the specified width.
      int getButtonStyle()
      Returns the style setting to use when generating buttons for this widget dialog.
      java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getHelpMessageIds()
      Returns a set of help messages ids that are already included on the widget dialog.
      java.util.Locale getLocale()
      Returns the current users locale setting.
      CmsMessages getMessages()
      Returns a messages object used to render localized keys for the widget dialog.
      CmsResource getResource()
      Gets the resource being edited.
      java.lang.String getUserAgent()
      Returns the "user-agent" of the current request, or null in case no request is available.
      void setResource​(CmsResource resource)
      Sets the resource being edited.
      boolean useNewStyle()
      Tests if we are working with the new administration dialog style.
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