Class CmsSelectGroupWidget

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    I_CmsADEWidget, I_CmsWidget
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class CmsSelectGroupWidget
    extends CmsSelectWidget
    Provides a widget for group selection select boxes.

    This widget is configurable with the following options:

    • groupfilter: regular expression to filter available groups
    • groups: comma separated list of group names to show in the select box. Note: if this configuration option if used, groupfilter and includesubous are not considered anymore.
    • includesubous: boolean flag to indicate if sub OUs should be scanned for groups to select
    • oufqn: the fully qualified name of the OU to read the groups from
    To map the selected group to a permission to set, use the following mapping configuration:

    <mapping element="..." mapto="permission:GROUP:+r+v|GROUP.ALL_OTHERS:|GROUP.Projectmanagers:+r+v+w+c" />

    This means that the +r+v permission is written for the principal GROUP on the resource. Additionally two permissions are written as default: for ALL_OTHERS, no allowed permission is set, for Projectmanagers, "+r+v+w+c" is set.