Class CmsDirectEditJspIncludeProvider

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Cloneable, I_CmsConfigurationParameterHandler, I_CmsDirectEditProvider

    public class CmsDirectEditJspIncludeProvider
    extends A_CmsDirectEditProvider
    Direct edit provider that uses the same JSP include based logic that has been the default before the 6.2.3 release.

    Even though placing the HTML of the direct edit buttons appears to be more "flexible" at first, there is a large overhead invloved using this provider as compared to an implementation like CmsDirectEditDefaultProvider. For every direct edit button on a page, a JSP include is processed twice using this provider, one include for the opening and one for the closing HTML. A JSP include is a costly operation, which means the performance of a website is be impacted if many content managers work on the system that makes great use of direct edit with a lot of elements on a page. In order to avoid this performance impact, OpenCms since version 6.2.3 uses the CmsDirectEditDefaultProvider by default.

    This provider DOES NOT support CmsDirectEditMode.MANUAL mode.