Class CmsConfigurationItem

  • public class CmsConfigurationItem
    extends java.lang.Object
    A single item of the ADE file type configuration.

    A configuration item describes which file should be used as a template for new content elements, and at which location in the VFS they should be created.

    It does not contain a type, since the type is given by the type of the source file.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsConfigurationItem

        public CmsConfigurationItem​(CmsResource sourceFile,
                                    CmsResource destinationFolder,
                                    CmsLazyFolder lazyFolder,
                                    java.lang.String pattern,
                                    boolean isDefault)
        Creates a new type configuration item.

        sourceFile - the source file
        destinationFolder - the destination folder
        lazyFolder - the lazy folder object
        pattern - the file pattern
        isDefault - true if this item is default for it's resource-type
    • Method Detail

      • getFolder

        public CmsResource getFolder()
        Returns the destination folder uri.

        the destination folder uri
      • getLazyFolder

        public CmsLazyFolder getLazyFolder()
        Returns a helper object which represents a folder which may still have to be created.

        a lazy folder object
      • getPattern

        public java.lang.String getPattern()
        Returns the file pattern.

        the file pattern
      • isDefault

        public boolean isDefault()
        Returns if this item is default for it's resource-type.

        true if this item is default for it's resource-type