Interface I_CmsGalleryHandler

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    public interface I_CmsGalleryHandler
    A handler interface which allows the gallery dialog to interact with the context it is used in, e.g. the container page editor.
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      • filterDnd

        boolean filterDnd​(org.opencms.ade.galleries.shared.CmsResultItemBean resultBean)
        This method is used to disable drag-and-drop for specific results.

        If this returns false, drag and drop should be disabled for the result (however, if true is returned, this does not automatically mean that drag and drop should be enabled.)

        resultBean - the result for which drag-and-drop feasibility should be checked
        false if DnD should be prohibited for the element, else true
      • getAdditionalTypeTabControl getAdditionalTypeTabControl()
        Gets an additional widget to display in the type tab.

        the additional widget to display
      • getDndHandler

        CmsDNDHandler getDndHandler()
        Gets the drag-and-drop handler for the result list.
        the drag-and-drop handler