Class A_CmsListTab.A_SelectionHandler

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    protected abstract class A_CmsListTab.A_SelectionHandler
    extends java.lang.Object
    Selection handler to handle check box click events and double clicks on the list items.
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      • onClick

        public void onClick​( event)
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        onClick in interface
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      • setSelectButton

        public void setSelectButton​(CmsPushButton button)
        Sets the select button, can be used instead of a double click to select and search.

        button - the select button
      • onSelectionChange

        protected abstract void onSelectionChange()
        Executed on selection change. Either when the check box was clicked or on double click on a list item.

      • selectBeforeGoingToResultTab

        protected void selectBeforeGoingToResultTab()
        This method is called if a list item is selected in a way such that the result tab should be displayed immediately.