Class CmsResultsTab.SearchBar

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    public class CmsResultsTab.SearchBar
    Bar containing the search scope selection and a text search field.
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      Creates a new instance.
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      CmsSelectBox getScopeSelection()
      Gets the scope selection widget.
      CmsPushButton getSearchButton()
      Gets the search button.
      CmsTextBox getSearchInput()
      Gets the search input field.
      protected void onScopeChange​(<java.lang.String> event)
      Handles the change event on the search scope select box.
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      • SearchBar

        public SearchBar()
        Creates a new instance.
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      • onScopeChange

        protected void onScopeChange​(<java.lang.String> event)
        Handles the change event on the search scope select box.

        event - the change event