Class CmsPublishItemStatus

  • public class CmsPublishItemStatus
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class encapsulates the possible states of a publish item.

    An item can be enabled or disabled (because of an error). If it is enabled, it can change between the states "normal", "publish", and "remove", but if it is disabled, it can only change between "normal" and "remove".

    The state will be changed depending on various signals which are passed as parameters to the handleSignal() method.

    If the item is enabled, the only possible state transitions are as follows: publish to normal publish to remove normal to publish normal to remove remove to normal

    • Constructor Detail

    • Method Detail

      • handleSignal

        public void handleSignal​(org.opencms.ade.publish.client.CmsPublishItemStatus.Signal signal)
        Handles a signal which may change the current state.

        signal - the signal
      • isDisabled

        public boolean isDisabled()
        Checks whether this publish item is disabled.

        true if the publish item is disabled
      • signalPublish

        protected void signalPublish()
        Executes a publish signal.

      • signalRemove

        protected void signalRemove()
        Executes a remove signal.

      • signalUnpublish

        protected void signalUnpublish()
        Executes an unpublish signal.

      • signalUnremove

        protected void signalUnremove()
        Executes an unremove signal.