Class CmsEditableData

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      java.lang.String getContextId()
      Gets the collector context id.
      java.lang.String getEditId()
      Returns the edit id.
      java.lang.String getElementId()
      Gets the element id.
      java.lang.String getElementLanguage()
      Returns the element language.
      java.lang.String getElementName()
      Returns the element name.
      org.opencms.gwt.shared.I_CmsEditableDataExtensions getExtensions()
      Gets the extended attributes.
      java.lang.String getMainLanguage()
      Returns the main language to copy in case the element language node does not exist yet.
      java.lang.String getNewLink()
      Returns the new link url.
      java.lang.String getNewTitle()
      Returns the new link url.
      java.lang.String getNoEditReason()
      Returns the no edit reason.
      java.lang.String getPostCreateHandler()
      Gets the (fully qualified) name of the post-create handler class to use.
      java.lang.String getSitePath()
      Returns the site path.
      org.opencms.util.CmsUUID getStructureId()
      Returns the structure id.
      boolean hasEditHandler()
      Returns whether an edit handler is available for the resource type.
      boolean hasResource()
      Returns true if there is an actual resource behind the editable element.
      boolean isUnreleasedOrExpired()
      Returns if the given resource is unreleased or expired.
      void setContextId​(java.lang.String id)
      Sets the collector context id.
      void setEditId​(java.lang.String editId)
      Sets the edit id.
      void setElementLanguage​(java.lang.String elementLanguage)
      Sets the element language.
      void setElementName​(java.lang.String elementName)
      Sets the element name.
      void setHasEditHandler​(boolean hasEditHandler)
      Sets the hasEditHandler.
      void setHasResource​(boolean hasResource)
      Sets the 'has resource' property.
      void setMainLanguage​(java.lang.String mainLanguage)
      Sets the main language to copy in case the element language node does not exist yet.
      void setNewLink​(java.lang.String newLink)
      Sets the new link.
      void setNewTitle​(java.lang.String newTitle)
      Sets the new title.
      void setNoEditReason​(java.lang.String noEditReason)
      Sets the no edit reason.
      void setSitePath​(java.lang.String sitePath)
      Sets the site path.
      void setStructureId​(org.opencms.util.CmsUUID structureId)
      Sets the structure id.
      void setUnreleaseOrExpired​(boolean unreleaseOrExpired)
      Sets the unreleased or expired flag.
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