Class CmsSimpleListItem

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,,,, I_CmsDraggable, I_CmsListItem, I_CmsTruncable

    public class CmsSimpleListItem
    implements I_CmsListItem
    Provides a UI list item.

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      protected java.lang.String m_id
      The logical id, it is not the HTML id.
      protected CmsFlowPanel m_panel
      The underlying panel.
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      void add​( w)
      Adds a widget to this list item.<int[]> getCursorOffsetDelta()
      Gets an optional pair of integers which are to be used as an "offset delta" for the drag and drop process. getDragHelper​(I_CmsDropTarget target)
      Creates the drag helper element and attaches it into the DOM.
      java.lang.String getId()
      Returns the logical id, it is not the HTML id.
      I_CmsDropTarget getParentTarget()
      Returns the parent drop target or null if there is none. getPlaceholder​(I_CmsDropTarget target)
      Creates the drag placeholder element. getWidget​(int index)
      Returns the child widget with the given index.
      void onDragCancel()
      Executed on drag cancel.
      void onDrop​(I_CmsDropTarget target)
      Executed on drop.
      void onStartDrag​(I_CmsDropTarget target)
      Executed on drag start.
      void setId​(java.lang.String id)
      Sets the logical id, it is not the HTML id.
      void truncate​(java.lang.String textMetricsPrefix, int widgetWidth)
      Truncates long text and sets the original text to the title attribute.
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