Class CmsContentEditorDialog

    • Method Detail

      • generateForm

        public static generateForm​(I_CmsEditableData editableData,
                                                                         boolean isNew,
                                                                         java.lang.String target,
                                                                         java.lang.String mode)
        Generates the form to post to the editor frame.

        editableData - the data about the resource which should be edited
        isNew - true if the resource to be edited doesn'T already exist
        target - the target of the form to be created
        mode - the mode for creating new elements
        the form element which, when submitted, opens the editor
      • openEditDialog

        public void openEditDialog​(I_CmsEditableData editableData,
                                   boolean isNew,
                                   java.lang.String mode,
                                   CmsContentEditorDialog.DialogOptions dlgOptions,
                                   I_CmsContentEditorHandler editorHandler)
        Opens the content editor dialog for the given element.

        editableData - the editable data
        isNew - true when creating a new resource
        mode - the content creation mode
        dlgOptions - the additional dialog options
        editorHandler - the editor handler
      • close

        protected void close()
        Closes the dialog.

      • onWindowClose

        protected void onWindowClose()
        Execute on window close.

        Will ask the user if the edited content should be saved.