Class CmsContextMenuItem

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    public final class CmsContextMenuItem
    extends A_CmsContextMenuItem
    An entry in a CmsContextMenu. Menu items can either fire a Command when they are clicked, or open a cascading sub-menu.

    This implementation of the abstract context menu item provides a possible image in front of the text and a arrow for a sub menu entry.

    Furthermore constructs the HTML for such a menu entry.

    version 8.0.0
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      protected java.lang.String getMenuItemHtml​(boolean hasSubMenu)
      Generates the HTML for a menu item.
      void onClick​( event)
      The action that is executed on click depends on the concrete implementation of a menu item.
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        public void onClick​( event)
        Description copied from class: A_CmsContextMenuItem
        The action that is executed on click depends on the concrete implementation of a menu item. So the onClick Method has to be implemented in the sub class.

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        onClick in interface
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        onClick in class A_CmsContextMenuItem
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      • getMenuItemHtml

        protected java.lang.String getMenuItemHtml​(boolean hasSubMenu)
        Generates the HTML for a menu item.

        hasSubMenu - signals if this menu has a sub menu
        the HTML for the menu item