Interface I_CmsFormWidget

    • Method Detail

      • getApparentValue

        java.lang.String getApparentValue()
        Returns the "apparent value", i.e. either the real value if available, or else the ghost value if available, or null otherwise.

        the apparent value
      • getFormValue

        java.lang.Object getFormValue()
        Gets the selected/entered value from the widget.

        the value
      • getFormValueAsString

        java.lang.String getFormValueAsString()
        Gets the current value of the widget as a string.

        the current value of the widget
      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
        Returns true if this widget is enabled.

        true if this widget is enabled
      • reset

        void reset()
        Resets the widget to its default state.
      • setAutoHideParent

        void setAutoHideParent​(I_CmsAutoHider autoHideParent)
        Call this when auto hiding parents are shown.

        autoHideParent - the auto hide parent
      • setEnabled

        void setEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Enables or disables the widget.

        enabled - if true, the widget will be enabled, else disabled
      • setErrorMessage

        void setErrorMessage​(java.lang.String errorMessage)
        Sets the error message for this widget.

        If the error message is null, no error message will be displayed.

        errorMessage - an error message or null
      • setFormValueAsString

        void setFormValueAsString​(java.lang.String value)
        Sets the current value of the widget as a string.

        value - the new value of the widget