Class CmsTree<I extends CmsTreeItem>

  • Type Parameters:
    I - the specific tree item implementation
    All Implemented Interfaces:,<I>,<I>,,,,,,,,,, java.lang.Iterable<>, I_CmsDropTarget, I_CmsTruncable
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class CmsTree<I extends CmsTreeItem>
    extends CmsList<I>
    A tree of list items.

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      protected m_eventBus
      The event bus for the tree.
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      Modifier and Type Method Description addCloseHandler​(<I> handler) addOpenHandler​(<I> handler)  
      void cancelOpenTimer()
      Cancels the open timer if present.
      void closeAllEmpty()
      Closes all empty entries.
      void fireClose​(I item)
      Fires the close event for an item.
      void fireEvent​(<?> event)  
      void fireOpen​(I item)
      Fires an open event for a tree item.
      java.lang.String getPlaceholderPath()
      Returns the placeholder path.
      boolean isAnimationEnabled()  
      boolean isRootDropEnabled()
      Returns if dropping on root level is enabled or not.
      protected void registerItem​(I item)
      Registers the given item on this list.
      protected void removeOpenTimer()
      Sets the timer reference to null.
      void removePlaceholder()
      Removes the placeholder.
      void repositionPlaceholder​(int x, int y, CmsDNDHandler.Orientation orientation)
      Repositions the placeholder.
      void setAnimationEnabled​(boolean enable)  
      void setDropEnabled​(boolean enabled)
      Here the meaning is enabling dropping on the root level.
      void setOpenTimer​(CmsTreeItem item)
      Sets a timer to set a tree item open.
      protected void setPlaceholder​( placeholder)
      Sets the current drag'n drop place holder.
      protected void setPlaceholderPath​(java.lang.String path)
      Sets the placeholder path.
      void setRootDropEnabled​(boolean rootDropEnabled)
      Sets the drop on root enabled.
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