Class CmsVUI

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    public class CmsVUI
    extends com.vaadin.client.ui.VUI
    UI widget overriding some functionality from the Vaadin implementation.

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      static CmsVUI INSTANCE
      The current instance.
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        actionHandler, connection, id, resizeLazy
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      void clearStoredFocus()
      Clears the stored focus.
      static void clearStoredFocusForCurrentInstance()
      Clears the stored focus for the current UI instance.
      void focusStoredElement()  
      protected void onLoad()  
      void storeFocus()  
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      • clearStoredFocusForCurrentInstance

        public static void clearStoredFocusForCurrentInstance()
        Clears the stored focus for the current UI instance.

        Useful when you want more explicit control over the focus after closing a window.

      • clearStoredFocus

        public void clearStoredFocus()
        Clears the stored focus.

        Use this when you want to set the focus explicitly after closing a Vaadin window.

      • focusStoredElement

        public void focusStoredElement()
        focusStoredElement in class com.vaadin.client.ui.VUI
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      • storeFocus

        public void storeFocus()
        storeFocus in class com.vaadin.client.ui.VUI
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      • onLoad

        protected void onLoad()
        onLoad in class com.vaadin.client.ui.VUI
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