Class CmsUpdateDBProjectId

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    public class CmsUpdateDBProjectId
    extends CmsUpdateDBProjectId
    This class updates the project ids from integer values to CmsUUIDs in all existing database tables.

    It creates new UUIDs for each existing project and stores it into a temporary table.

    For each table using a project id a new column for the UUID is added and the according data is transferred.

    After that the original indexes and the column for the project id index is dropped and the new column with the project uuid becomes the primary key.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CmsUpdateDBProjectId

        public CmsUpdateDBProjectId()

        Throws: - if the query properties cannot be read
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      • createTempTable

        protected void createTempTable​(CmsSetupDb dbCon)
                                throws java.sql.SQLException
        Creates the temp table for project ids if it does not exist yet.

        createTempTable in class CmsUpdateDBProjectId
        dbCon - the db connection interface
        java.sql.SQLException - if something goes wrong