OpenCms JSP standard taglib
Tag container

This tag enables the template mechanism for container pages.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opencms.jsp.CmsJspTagContainer
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

nametruetruejava.lang.StringA unique name for the container that is used to identify it in a container page.
settingsfalsetruejava.lang.StringA map containing setting presets for elements in this container. If settings are passed in this map, they will not be user-editable on elements in the container.
typefalsetruejava.lang.StringA type assigned to the container, e.g. "content" or "top-wide" or "left".

The type can be used to select the formatter that is used to render a content in the container.
paramfalsetruejava.lang.StringAn optional container parameter. This is useful for a dynamically generated nested container, to pass information to the formatter used inside that container.
maxElementsfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe maximal number of elements that can be placed in the container.

Default: 100.
widthfalsetruejava.lang.StringA virtual width of the container.

The given width does not have to match the actual width of the container, but its good practice to choose the actual width in pixels. The value can be used to select the formatter for elements dropped into the container, or even to adjust a formatters behavior.

Default: -1
tagfalsetruejava.lang.StringThis attribute defines the tag that the <cms:container>-tag is translated to.
Values should have the the form:

tag-name is a name of a valid HTML tag.
Default: div
tagClassfalsetruejava.lang.StringA space separated list of CSS-class names that are inserted as value of the "class"-attribute in the tag to which the <cms:container>-tag is translated to.

Default: Empty list
detailviewfalsetruejava.lang.StringThis attribute defines if on a detail page the detail content should be shown in the container.
The following values are supported:
false (default)
Detail contents are never shown in the container.
If a suitable formatter exists, the detail content is shown in the container.
detailonlyfalsetruejava.lang.StringThis attribute defines if the container is visible only on detail pages and if so, if the shown elements are specific to the actual detail content.
The following values are supported:
false (default)
The container is shown on every page.
The container is visible only on detail pages.
editablebyfalsetruejava.lang.StringA comma separated list of OpenCms principals that are allowed to edit the container content. If empty it defaults to ROLE.ELEMENT_AUTHOR.
nameprefixfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe container name prefix to use for nested container names. If empty the element instance id of the parent element will be used.

No Variables Defined.

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