OpenCms JSP standard taglib
Tag editable

This tag is used to enable the direct edit functionality.

It is placed in the header of a none-container-page template for most use cases.

An exeception is the use with attribute editEmpty, which is the last none-deprecated use case.

Note that most of the functionality is now done by <enable-ade> for container page templates.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opencms.jsp.CmsJspTagEditable
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone


Specifies the edit provider class.


Specifies the mode for the edit provider class.
editEmptyfalsetruejava.lang.StringUse the tag with this attribute inside of cms:contentload when content is preloaded to enable adding content if no content is collected yet.

Possible values are:
false (default)
Disables adding a new content via direct edit, if none is found.
(You do not have to use the tag at all to reach this setting.)
Enables adding a new content via direct edit, if none is found.

No Variables Defined.

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