OpenCms JSP standard taglib
Tag pdfthumbnail

This tag is used to generate a png or jpg thumbnail from a PDF and expands to a link to the thumbnail. The thumbnail is created when the link is requested for the first time.

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opencms.jsp.CmsJspTagPdfThumbnail
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

filetruetruejava.lang.StringVFS URI of the PDF file for which the thumbnail should be created.
widthfalsetruejava.lang.StringWidth (given in Pixel) of the generated thumbnail.
heightfalsetruejava.lang.StringHeight (given in Pixel) of the generated thumbnail.
formatfalsetruejava.lang.StringFormat of the generated thumbnail. Either jpg or png.

No Variables Defined.

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