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Tag simplesearch

This tag provides support to generate search forms and result lists for a server-side handled Solr search. It takes an (XML or JSON) configuration file or a JSON configuration String and essentially exposes an object with the search results and also the necessary information to suitably build up your search form. It supports facets and highlighting.

If you do not specify a search index explicitly, the tag uses "Solr Offline" and "Solr Online", depending on the current project.

To get detailed information on the configuraiton options, just have a look at an XML content of type jsp-search-form or look up the JavaDoc of the JSON configuration parser

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opencms.jsp.CmsJspTagSimpleSearch
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

NameRequiredRequest-timeTypeDescription name of the variable that exposes an object of type, which gives you access to the search results and to a search form controller.
configFilefalsetruejava.lang.ObjectVFS-URI, structure id, or resource object identifying the search form configuration file of type listconfig.
configStringfalsetruejava.lang.StringOverride settings in the configuration file by using a JSON config string.

The tag allows for detection of changes on resources collected by the search tag (editing, creation, deletion). If addContentInfo is set to true, these changes are taken into account when publishing changes for the current web page.

This feature makes only sense if you use the tag to display (editable) lists of contents. By default, at most (the first) 200 list items are checked for changes. The default can be altered using the attribute contentInfoMaxItems

Default: false.

Hint:The attribute is ignored if contentInfoMaxItems is specified.

contentInfoMaxItemsfalsetruejava.lang.IntegerEnables detection of changed resources as described for addContentInfo. Additionally, sets the maximal number of investigated resources to the provided value.

From attribute 'var' Description

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