Class CmsFormatterConfigurationCacheState

  • public class CmsFormatterConfigurationCacheState
    extends java.lang.Object
    Represents the currently cached collection of all formatter beans extracted from formatter configuration files.

    Objects of this class are immutable, but have a method to create an updated copy.

    • Method Detail

      • createUpdatedCopy

        public CmsFormatterConfigurationCacheState createUpdatedCopy​(java.util.Map<CmsUUID,​I_CmsFormatterBean> updateFormatters)
        Creates a new copy of this state in which some entries are removed or replaced.

        This does not change the state object on which the method is called.

        updateFormatters - a map of formatters to change, where the key is the structure id and the value is either the replacement or null if the map entry should be removed
        the updated copy
      • getAutoEnabledFormatters

        public java.util.Map<CmsUUID,​I_CmsFormatterBeangetAutoEnabledFormatters()
        Gets the map of formatters which are automatically enabled.

        the map of automatically enabled formatters with structure ids as keys
      • getFormattersForType

        public java.util.Collection<I_CmsFormatterBeangetFormattersForType​(java.lang.String resourceType,
                                                                             boolean filterAutoEnabled)
        Gets the formatters for a specific resource types, and optionally only returns those which are automatically enabled.

        resourceType - the resource type name
        filterAutoEnabled - true if only the automatically enabled formatters should be returned
        the formatters for the type