Package org.opencms.repository

Package contains all classes and interfaces needed to create or use a repository to access the resources in the VFS.

A repository is an set of interfaces (and their implementations) to create a simple access to the resources in the VFS of OpenCms. The repositories are configured in the opencms-importexport.xml. The CmsObjectWrapper is used by the repositories for the access to the VFS. So it is possible to configure the repositories to use one or more implementations of the I_CmsResourceWrapper to change the view to the resources in the VFS. Additionaly it is possible to define filters to include or exclude files and folders form being displayed.

Use the CmsRepositoryManager to get a configured I_CmsRepository. There you get a I_CmsRepositorySession through login in. With that session you will get the basic file and folder operations to the resources in the VFS of OpenCms.

I_CmsRepository repository = OpenCms.getRepositoryManager().getRepository(repository_name);
I_CmsRepositorySession session = repository.login(username, password);

See Also:
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