Class CmsObjectWrapper

  • public class CmsObjectWrapper
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class contains a subset of the methods of CmsObject and uses the configured resource wrappers (I_CmsResourceWrapper) to change the view to the existing resources in the VFS.

    Almost every method in this class iterates through the configured list of I_CmsResourceWrapper and calls the same method there. The first resource wrapper in the list which feels responsible for that action handles it and the iteration ends. So the resource wrappers should check in every method if it is responsible or not. Be careful if there are more than one resource wrapper for the same resource in the VFS, because the first in the list wins. If the iteration is finished and no resource wrapper felt responsible the default action is to call the method in the CmsObject.

    It is possible to create an unchanged access to the resource in the VFS by creating a new instance of the CmsObjectWrapper with an empty list of resource wrappers.