Class CmsButtonBarHandler

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    public final class CmsButtonBarHandler
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper class for controlling visibility of button hover bars of attribute value views.

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static java.lang.String HOVERABLE_MARKER
      CSS class used for identifying widgets which normally react to hover events in touch-only mode.
      static CmsButtonBarHandler INSTANCE
      Global instance of the button bar handler.
      static int TIMEOUT
      The timeout for hiding the buttons.
    • Method Detail

      • closeAll

        public void closeAll()
        Closes all visible button bars and menus.

      • onMouseOut

        public void onMouseOut​( event)
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        onMouseOut in interface
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      • onMouseOver

        public void onMouseOver​( event)
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        onMouseOver in interface
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      • addSubmenu

        protected void addSubmenu​(CmsChoiceMenuEntryWidget entryWidget)
        Adds a new submenu.

        entryWidget - the entry widget whose children should be added to the submenu
      • cleanUpSubmenus

        protected void cleanUpSubmenus​(CmsChoiceMenuEntryWidget entryWidget)
        Removes unnecessary submenus when the user hovers over a given menu entry.

        entryWidget - the menu entry over which the user is hovering
      • removeSubmenu

        protected void removeSubmenu​(CmsChoiceSubmenu submenu)
        Removes a submenu and hides it.

        submenu - the submenu to remove
      • useClickAsFakeHover

        protected boolean useClickAsFakeHover​( source,
                                              boolean isMouseDown)
        In touch-only mode, this is used to process some clicks to trigger actions that would be normally triggered by hovering over the same GUI element.
        source - the event source
        isMouseDown - true if the event is a mousedown event
        true if the event should be cancelled