Class CmsNativeComplexWidgetRenderer

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    public class CmsNativeComplexWidgetRenderer
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements I_CmsEntityRenderer
    CmsRenderer which delegates the rendering of an entity to native Javascript. This renderer will interpret its configuration string as a JSON object (which we will call 'config'). To render an entity, it will take the name of a function from config.render and then call the function with the entity to render, the parent element, a VIE wrapper, and the configuration object as parameters.
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static java.lang.String ENTITY_CLASS
      The entity CSS class.
      static java.lang.String LABEL_CLASS
      The attribute label CSS class.
      static java.lang.String WIDGET_HOLDER_CLASS
      The widget holder CSS class.
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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      CmsNativeComplexWidgetRenderer configure​(java.lang.String configuration)
      Returns a copy of this renderer which has been configured with the given configuration string.
      protected createNativeInstance​(java.lang.String initCall)
      Creates the native renderer instance.
      java.lang.String getName()
      Gets the name of the renderer (should be unique for each renderer class).
      protected getNativeInstance()
      Gets the native renderer instance.
      void renderAttributeValue​(org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsEntity parentEntity, CmsAttributeHandler attributeHandler, int attributeIndex, context)
      Renders a single attribute value.
      void renderForm​(org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsEntity entity, context, I_CmsAttributeHandler parentHandler, int attributeIndex)
      Renders the given entity into a form.
      CmsTabbedPanel<> renderForm​(org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsEntity entity, java.util.List<org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsTabInfo> tabInfos, context, I_CmsAttributeHandler parentHandler, int attributeIndex)
      Renders the given entity into a form with tabs.
      void renderInline​(org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsEntity parentEntity, java.lang.String attributeName, I_CmsInlineFormParent formParent, I_CmsInlineHtmlUpdateHandler updateHandler, I_CmsAttributeHandler parentHandler, int attributeIndex, int minOccurrence, int maxOccurrence)
      Injects editing widgets into the given DOM context to enable editing of the given entity attribute.
      void renderInline​(org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsEntity entity, I_CmsInlineFormParent formParent, I_CmsInlineHtmlUpdateHandler updateHandler, I_CmsAttributeHandler parentHandler, int attributeIndex)
      Injects editing widgets into the given DOM context to enable editing of the given entity.
      protected void renderNative​( nativeRenderer, java.lang.String renderFunction, element, org.opencms.acacia.shared.CmsEntity entity, config)
      Calls the native render function.
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