Class CmsContainerPageContainer

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    public class CmsContainerPageContainer
    implements I_CmsDropContainer
    Container page container.

    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Class Description
      static class  CmsContainerPageContainer.ContainerResizeHelper
      Helper class for resizing containers in the drag/drop process when an element is dropped into them that is of lower height than the empty container HTML.
      protected class  CmsContainerPageContainer.ElementPositionInfo
      Element position info class.
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    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static java.lang.String PROP_CONTAINER_MARKER
      Name of a special property for the container id.
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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      CmsContainerPageContainer​(org.opencms.ade.containerpage.shared.CmsContainer containerData, element)
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      void add​( w)
      Adds a new child widget.
      void addDndChild​(I_CmsDropTarget child)
      Registers a child drop target.
      void adoptElement​(CmsContainerPageElementPanel containerElement)
      Adopts a container-page element registering it as a child of this container.
      void checkEmptyContainers()
      Check if the empty container content should be displayed or removed.
      void checkMaxElementsOnEnter()
      Checks the maximum number of allowed elements and hides overflowing elements.
      void checkMaxElementsOnLeave()
      Checks the maximum number of allowed elements and displays formerly hidden elements.
      boolean checkPosition​(int x, int y, CmsDNDHandler.Orientation orientation)
      Returns true if the given cursor position is over the drop target.
      void clearDnDChildren()
      Clears the list of child drop targets.
      static void clearResizeHelper()
      Clears the static layout change object, resetting it if it's not null.
      java.util.List<CmsContainerPageElementPanel> getAllDragElements()
      Returns all contained drag elements.
      int getConfiguredWidth()
      Returns the configured width for this container.
      java.lang.String getContainerId()
      Returns the container id.
      int getContainerLevel()
      Returns the container level.
      java.lang.String getContainerType()
      Returns the container type.
      java.lang.String getCopyModelReplaceId()
      In case of a former copy model, and a max elements setting of one, the id of the overflowing element is returned.
      java.util.List<I_CmsDropTarget> getDnDChildren()
      Returns the list of child drop targets. getFormerModelGroupParent()
      Returns whether this container has a model group parent.
      java.lang.String getParentContainerId()
      Returns the parent container id.
      int getPlaceholderIndex()
      Returns the index of the placeholder or -1 if no placeholder is attached.
      CmsPositionBean getPositionInfo()
      Returns the current position info.
      java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> getSettingPresets()
      Returns the settings presets.
      boolean hasDnDChildren()
      Checks whether this drop target has any children.
      boolean hasModelGroupParent()
      Returns whether this container has a model group parent.
      void hideEditableListButtons()
      Hides list collector direct edit buttons, if present.
      void highlightContainer()
      Puts a highlighting border around the container content.
      void highlightContainer​(CmsPositionBean positionInfo)
      Puts a highlighting border around the container content using the given dimensions.
      void insert​( w, int beforeIndex)
      Inserts a child widget before the specified index.
      void insertPlaceholder​( placeholder, int x, int y, CmsDNDHandler.Orientation orientation)
      Inserts a new placeholder.
      boolean isDetailOnly()
      Returns true if this container is a detail view only container.
      boolean isDetailView()
      Returns true if this is a detail view container, being actually used for detail content.
      boolean isDetailViewContainer()
      Checks if this is a detail view container.
      boolean isEditable()
      Returns if the container is editable by the current user.
      boolean isShowingEmptyContainerElement()
      Checks if the container is showing the empty container element.
      static int measureHeight​( elem)
      Measures the height of the container's element.
      static CmsContainerPageContainer.ContainerResizeHelper newResizeHelper​(CmsContainerPageContainer container)
      Creates a new layout helper for resizing containers.
      void onConsumeChildren​(java.util.List<CmsContainerPageElementPanel> children)
      This is called when the elements of this container/group have been processed into CmsContainerPageElementPanels.
      void onDrop​(I_CmsDraggable draggable)
      Executed on drop.
      void refreshHighlighting()
      Refreshes position and dimension of the highlighting border.
      void refreshHighlighting​(CmsPositionBean positionInfo)
      Refreshes position and dimension of the highlighting border.
      void removeHighlighting()
      Removes the highlighting border.
      void removePlaceholder()
      Removes the placeholder.
      void repositionPlaceholder​(int x, int y, CmsDNDHandler.Orientation orientation)
      Repositions the placeholder.
      void setContainerLevel​(int level)
      Sets the container level.
      void setEmptyContainerElement​( emptyContainerElement)
      Sets the empty container element.
      java.lang.Runnable setMinHeightToCurrentHeight()
      Measures the height of the container and sets its min-height to that value.
      void setPlaceholderVisibility​(boolean visible)
      Sets the placeholder visibility.
      void showEditableListButtons()
      Shows list collector direct edit buttons (old direct edit style), if present.
      void updateOptionBars()
      Updates the option bar positions of the child elements.
      void updatePositionInfo()
      Updates the cached position info.
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