Class CmsElementOptionBar

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,,,,,, I_CmsElementToolbarContext, I_CmsUniqueActiveItem

    public class CmsElementOptionBar
    implements,, I_CmsUniqueActiveItem, I_CmsElementToolbarContext
    A panel to be displayed inside a container element to provide optional functions like edit, move, remove...

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      protected class  CmsElementOptionBar.HoverHandler
      Hover handler for option bar.
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      void activateToolbarContext()
      Show the toolbar.
      void add​( w)
      Adds another option button.
      protected void addHighlighting()
      Adds the highlighting and option bar. addMouseOutHandler​( handler) addMouseOverHandler​( handler)  
      void clear()
      Clears the bar.
      static CmsElementOptionBar createOptionBarForElement​(CmsContainerPageElementPanel element, CmsDNDHandler dndHandler, A_CmsToolbarOptionButton... buttons)
      Creates an option-bar for the given drag element.
      void deactivateToolbarContext()
      Hide the toolbar.
      int getCalculatedWidth()
      Returns the calculated width of the widget.
      protected CmsContainerPageElementPanel getContainerElement()
      Returns the parent container element.
      protected void internalRemoveHighlighting()
      Removes the highlighting.
      java.util.Iterator<> iterator()
      Returns an iterator for the child widgets.
      void onDeactivate()
      This method is called when the item is removed from a container.
      void removeHighlighting()
      Removes the highlighting and option bar.
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