Class CmsPropertyPanel

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    public class CmsPropertyPanel
    extends A_CmsFormFieldPanel
    A tabbed form field container widget.

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      CmsPropertyPanel​(boolean showShared, org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsListInfoBean info)
      Creates a new instance.
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      void addBeforeSelectionHandler​(<java.lang.Integer> handler)
      Adds the BeforeSelectionHandler for the tab panel.
      void clearTab​(java.lang.String tabId)
      Clears the tab with the given id.
      protected CmsListItemWidget createListItemWidget​(org.opencms.gwt.shared.CmsListInfoBean info)
      Creates a list item widget from a list info bean.
      java.lang.String getDefaultGroup()
      Returns the default group name.
      protected CmsTabbedPanel<CmsScrollPanel> getTabPanel()
      Returns the tabbed panel.
      void renderExtendedTab​(java.util.Collection<I_CmsFormField> fields, tab)
      Renders a extended tab.
      void renderFields​(java.util.Collection<I_CmsFormField> fields)
      Renders a collection of fields.
      void rerenderFields​(java.lang.String tab, java.util.Collection<I_CmsFormField> fields)
      Re-renders the fields of a group.
      void truncate​(java.lang.String textMetricsKey, int clientWidth)
      Truncates long text and sets the original text to the title attribute.
      void tryToRestoreFieldData​(CmsActiveFieldData fieldDataToBeRestored)
      Tries to restore the active field data.
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