Class CmsUploaderFormData

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      protected void upload​(java.lang.String uploadUri, java.lang.String targetFolder, boolean isRootPath, java.lang.String postCreateHandler,<CmsFileInfo> filesToUpload, filesToUnzip, I_CmsUploadDialog dialog)
      Sends a post request to the upload JSP.
      void uploadFiles​(java.lang.String uploadUri, java.lang.String targetFolder, boolean isRootPath, java.lang.String postCreateHandler, java.util.List<CmsFileInfo> filesToUpload, java.util.List<java.lang.String> filesToUnzip, I_CmsUploadDialog dialog)
      Uploads the given files to the given URI.
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        protected void upload​(java.lang.String uploadUri,
                              java.lang.String targetFolder,
                              boolean isRootPath,
                              java.lang.String postCreateHandler,
                    <CmsFileInfo> filesToUpload,
                              I_CmsUploadDialog dialog)
        Sends a post request to the upload JSP.

        uploadUri - the URI of the JSP that performs the upload
        targetFolder - the target folder to upload
        isRootPath - true if the target folder is given as a root path
        postCreateHandler - the post-create handler
        filesToUpload - the files to upload
        filesToUnzip - the file names to unzip
        dialog - this dialog