Class CmsSitemapTreeController.DialogContext

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      void closeWindow()
      Closes the dialog window.
      void error​(java.lang.Throwable error)
      Signals an error which occurred in the dialog.
      void finish​(java.util.Collection<CmsUUID> result)
      Signals that the dialog has finished.
      void finish​(CmsProject project, java.lang.String siteRoot)
      Signals that the dialog has finished.
      void focus​(CmsUUID structureId)
      Tell the system that the resource with the given id should be shown somehow.
      java.util.List<CmsUUID> getAllStructureIdsInView()
      Gets a list of structure ids of all visible resources, not just the ones selected for the dialog.
      java.lang.String getAppId()
      Returns the app id.
      CmsObject getCms()
      Gets the CMS context to be used for dialog operations.
      I_CmsDialogContext.ContextType getContextType()
      Returns the context type.
      java.util.List<CmsResource> getResources()
      Gets the list of resources for which the dialog should be opened.
      void navigateTo​(java.lang.String appId)
      Navigates to the given app.
      void onViewChange()
      Call when the dialog view has changed to re-center the dialog window.
      void reload()
      Reloads the UI.
      void setWindow​(com.vaadin.ui.Window window)
      Sets the current window.
      void start​(java.lang.String title, com.vaadin.ui.Component dialog)
      Called to start up the dialog with the given main widget and title string.
      void start​(java.lang.String title, com.vaadin.ui.Component dialog, CmsBasicDialog.DialogWidth width)
      Called to start up the dialog with the given main widget and title string.
      void updateUserInfo()
      Called when the user info was changed.
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