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Lists and detail pages

You want to show always the latest news? With OpenCms you can collect contents in a list - for example showing teasers for the 10 latest news articles. Whenever a new news is published, the list is automatically updated. Moreover, editors can directly edit, add or delete news in the list.

Having teasers for the news articles in the list, you may want to provide each whole news on a specific page. With OpenCms you can add a detail page for news articles and link to it from the list. One detail page is sufficient for showing the detailed information for all news contents under nicely generated URLs.

Of course, you can use the mechanism for other content types as well, e.g., event lists, blogs, .... And your lists can support many advanced features like filters (for categories, full text search, ...), pagination or various sort options.

OpenCms 11 even provides a content type for lists in the core, that supports all the advanced features and eases list management via a dedicated workplace app.

In OpenCms 10 the tag <cms:search> was introduced to collect content using the Solr index and thus having a universal, powerful tool for advanced query options. Moreover, the collection and iteration over search results was separated and display formatters for rendering the found contents where introduced.

Due to the complexity of <cms:search> a simplified version <cms:simpleSearch> was introduced in OpenCms 11. It interacts with a "list" resource type where you can easily configure your list. Even a specific workplace app for list management is introduced.

Since version 11, OpenCms ships with an integrated list type that is powerful enough to build nearly all lists typically needed. It is supports management of lists by a special workplace app and allows for simple configuration of lists.

Since OpenCms 11 (editable) lists can be build with an integrated list type that allows for simple configuration and covers the most relevant features that are of interest when building lists of contents, e.g., for news, blog articles or events.

OpenCms 10 introduces a new way to build (editable) lists in a simple and very flexible manner. Here's an example providing a first impression of the new technique.

Up to OpenCms 10 content was collected via the <cms:contentload> tag.

Building lists of content items that are linked with its detail views is a common task when creating a website. OpenCms helps you to solve this task easily.

Learn by example how an editable list is created and links to detail pages are added.

Detail pages are a valueable feature especially in combination with lists. Read more about them in the following topics.

You need to link from a condensed view of your contents, e.g., in a list, to a page showing all the content's details? With OpenCms' detail page mechanism you create and configure only one page to get pages for all your contents automatically.