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OpenCms documentation
OpenCms documentation


Localization in OpenCms has basically two facets:

  • Having various language specific versions of your website
  • Having localized menus, editors, etc. for the ones working with OpenCms

Both facets of localization are well supported by OpenCms. Both make use of the standard Java mechanism for localization, i.e., using message bundles. But there are also some specifics when using these bundles in OpenCms.

Here we just provide an overview on the topics concerned with localization. Check out the various topics for more information.

An important aspect in designing a website is localization. Whether the web presence should be just translated to each client's language or culturally fully adapted to the respective target market's locale - OpenCms provides the means necessary to do the job. Get an overview on the different aspects of website localization.

Localize the OpenCms GUIs for your users: workplace, ADE interfaces, content editors.

Message bundles are used to localize any kind of text snippets, labels, etc. They are the default localization mechanism for Java. Learn about how to use them in OpenCms - read this topic, even if you know the bundles in general.