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OpenCms documentation

The OpenCms workplace

To set up a website with OpenCms involves a variety of different tasks, tasks usually performed by various people with different focus. Different tasks demand different user interfaces. OpenCms provides these interfaces as workplace apps. Whenever a user logs in, he enters the OpenCms workplace. The app displayed first depends on the user preferences. The apps available on the role of the user.

In all apps, you have the OpenCms toolbar present at the very top. It let's you change apps, holds globally present options and also app specific options. Options that are present in many apps are explained in a separate topic.

OpenCms provides comfortable editor apps to manipulate single pages and the site structure. If a website is once set up, the editor apps suffice for most tasks. Content editors will see only these apps - and maybe not even all of them.

When you view a page offline, you will see the page editor. It allows you to add, arrange and edit contents on a page and provides access to all necessary user tasks related to the page.

Via the sitemap editor you can add new pages to your site, move pages, change properties, create or remove sub-sitemaps, and even more ...

The content editor is a widget-based editor for editing multilingual (XML) content. Learn how to use the editor.

OpenCms allows inline editing of content, in particular text, as in normal word processors. We explain how inline editing works.

Besides the page, sitemap and content editors, OpenCms provides more apps for various different development and administration tasks. Users with according roles get access to the launchpad, which is the central place to switch between apps.

A very important app is the explorer, which allows to access the whole VFS.

OpenCms provides much more apps than page and sitemap editor. The launchpad is the central place to navigate between apps.

The explorer view allows you to access and manipulate resources in the VFS, in much the same way as you are used to when browsing other file systems. Learn about the non-standard resource manipulation and access options the explorer view provides.

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