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Galleries is a collection of dialogs and tools that can be used to conveniently organize images and documents.

Create a new gallery with the galleries view of the sitemap editor in three steps.

Open the sitemap editor

To create a new gallery, first open the sitemap editor by clicking on the sitemap editor icon in the quick launch menu.

Open the galleries view in the sitemap editor

In the sitemap editor switch to the Galleries view.

Create a new gallery

In order to create a new image gallery or document gallery, click on the plus sign and enter a name for the new gallery in the dialogue that opens.

Upload assets with the gallery dialog in 4 steps.

Open the gallery dialog

In order to upload new assets, first open the gallery dialog by clicking on the gallery icon or by means of the context menu entry Open gallery.

Upload assets with the gallery dialog

In order to choose the files to upload, click on the cloud icon. This will open your local file browser.

Upload wizard of the gallery dialog

After uploading, a wizard opens—asking the content editor to enter a file name as well title, description and copyright metadata.

Replace image function

However, metadata can also be entered at a later point in time. To do this, click on the menu symbol that appears when you move the mouse over an image tile and choose the Properties menu entry.

A particularly useful function from the context menu is the replace function. With this, you can replace an image without having to re-enter the associated metadata.

Especially for images and immediately after uploading, it is recommended to specify not only suitable metadata but also a focal point around which an image can be automatically cropped for different web pages and device sizes.


Open the focal point editor

The focal point editor can be opened by moving the mouse over an image tile and by clicking on the magnifyer icon. In the dialog that opens, move the crosshairs to the central motif of the image, that shall be visible for every image section created.

Focal point editor

There is a quick link to the gallery finder available that appears in the main toolbar as soon as one is in the page editor.

Open the gallery dialog from the main toolbar

The gallery finder of the page editor allows you to search for assets in galleries by various criteria:

  • Types. Search by type such as binary or image, whereby documents such as PDF or Word documents count as binary documents.
  • Galleries. Search by gallery if you already know where your image is.
  • Categories. Search by category if you have cateogories attached to your images and documents.
  • Folders. This is especially useful if you want to use assets from other websites than the website currently opened.
  • Advanced. Search by advanced criteria such as date of creation.
Galleries finder dialog

It is possible to drag and drop images from the result view of the gallery finder directly to a website if a formatter enables the image drag and drop feature.

Galleries finder result view

The gallery dialogue with its image editor is not only accessible from the main toolbar and in the gallery view of the sitemap editor, but also for each image field in the form editor. To open the image editor, click on the folder icon.

Open the image cropping editor

If you open the image galery editor from an image field—besides the focal point editor—an additional function appears to create image sections. To reach the cropping function, switch to the Scale tab and click on the cropping button.

Image cropping editor of the galleries dialog

In the livetime of websites, the number of images and documents can increase to a large extent over time and it can become unclear for the content administrator, which assets are still in use on a website.

The Gallery optimize dialog is a specialised tool for cleaning up galleries. It can be opened from the explorer with a right-click on a gallery folder. The dialog offers filtering and editing functionality to identify images and documents that are no longer in use and to revise metadata information for whole galleries.

Open the gallery optimize dialog
The gallery optimize dialog