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OpenCms documentation
OpenCms documentation


Play with OpenCms. We provide some small examples, each demonstrating a single feature.

Note that many of the examples will only get "interactive" when you can manipulate them. Therefore, you need to be logged in to OpenCms and in the Offline project - which is only possible if you view the demos in your local installation.

See how element settings are specified and used.

An example with two formatters using the same element settings, which are configured once.

You need to add a script of a foreign provider, e.g., a Facebook Like-button? - Here's how to do it right.

See an example formatter that adds scripts and styles to a page.

One formatter reads the meta-information of another

Learn by example how an editable list is created and links to detail pages are added.

Edit text directly in the page editor - learn how inline editing is configured.

Design your page layout with nested containers.

Get your content as PDF - see how it  works for a demo article.

An example that shows how dependent fields work.

See a detailed definition of a dynamic function and watch it in action.

Learn by example how function detail pages work - we write a simple calculator displaying calculation results on a function detail page.

Caching is important - learn at a simple example how flex cache configurations change dynamic behavior.

See the <cms:img> tag in action and learn about the image scaling facilities in OpenCms.

Directly jump to the first subpage? - See a navigation level in action.

See a formatter that collects information about the container page.